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Hi I’m Maria, founder of The Unlocked You.

A year ago I couldn’t fit into the trousers I’m wearing in this picture. I was fed up & had no idea how to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way.
I took myself to a fitness retreat & in 4 days dropped a dress size. I was able to take 5 pairs of trousers out of my ‘too fat for’ wardrobe & wear them again. Fantastic!
Then earlier this year I found myself struggling to fit into my clothes … again! I was also fed up & depressed¬†again.
This time I took a different approach. I educated myself properly about diet & nutrition & even completed a Level 3 AfN Certified course. I’ve incorporated my learning & knowledge into my daily eating habits and I’m 100% confident & certain that I definitely won’t be putting the weight back on again. Ever!
I set up The Unlocked You to use my teaching & coaching skills & passion in passing on my knowledge to you. You can read more about my background & qualifications on the Contact page. My mission is to teach & empower you to fit where you belong Рback into your clothes!
The workshop I created – Change Your Diet; Change Your Life – is open to both women and men who want to succeed at losing weight and keeping it lost for the rest of their lives. It’s a nutrition fact-based session that incorporates coaching strategies on implementing lasting life change by understanding & connecting with your own inner mindset.
I sincerely look forward to meeting you at one of my events very soon.
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