healthy diet, healthy eating, food and mental health, health wealth happinessLet’s start with the doom and gloom bad news! The overall population is unhealthier now than it’s been at any time in modern history. Latest figures in the UK show that 63% of adults are either overweight or obese and childhood and teenage obesity rates are rising rapidly.

It’s no co-incidence then that the overall population is unhappier, rates of depression and anxiety are at their highest levels in recorded history and the number of prescriptions written for anti-depressants has more than doubled in the last decade.

2015 saw the greatest rise in anti-depressant prescriptions, it also recorded the highest rates of obesity. What a momentous year!

It’s also no wonder, then, that social media, one of the main catalysts of increasing insecurity and anxiety, is now a flooded marketplace of ‘advice’, often conflicting and confusing, on healthier living, eating, thinking, speaking and ‘looking’!

The gap between wealth levels of the richest and the poorest people in society is also wider than ever and women are still paid far less than men. However, it’s a long-known fact that wealth does, indeed, start with the body and the ‘secrets’ of some of the most successful and wealthiest people on the planet aren’t secrets at all. They’re just basic lifestyle choices, including the choice to have a mindset of success.

Good health is psychological as well as physical

And that’s because health is not just physical, it’s psychological and emotional. However, if your body is unhealthy, your thought processes and feelings will also be unhealthy, leaving it impossible to create a mindset that’s singularly focused on achieving successful outcomes.

Experiencing negative emotions of anger, fear, jealousy and hate that lead to low mood and depression all cloud our ability to think clearly, rationally and make effective decisions that impact positively on ourselves and the people around us.

If you don’t have the mental energy to think of solutions to your own life problems then you won’t be able to solve those problems effectively and move forward. So neither will you be able to implement bigger plans that require greater internal resources and even more mental energy.

Good health is essential for effective problem-solving & decision-making

Our problem-solving abilities are also impaired if we’re diseased or suffering physically in any way, and if we’re emotionally drained from coping with difficulties in our relationships with partners, children, family or even work colleagues, which often form part of daily life. How many times to you find yourself ‘not able to think straight’ or feeling overwhelmed? And that’s most likely when you reach for the coffee or alcohol instead of a large glass of water, or eat sugar-loaded food because that’s become your habit for dealing with emotional stress!

Creating greater success in life usually involves taking calculated risks, having foresight and planning ahead. Our decision-making capabilities are dependant on good brain function and that comes from having a healthy diet. Our brain cells need essential amino acids which come from eating good fats along with the correct levels of potassium to function properly.

Success requires energy; more success demands more energy

Growing, building and sustaining wealth requires enough physical energy to get up in the morning and put the right type and level of effort into your day, every day, to succeed at fulfilling your greater life goals and purpose.

If you feel permanently low on energy and struggle just to get through the day (as I used to) then it’s time to rethink your eating habits. You might have tons of great ideas and think to yourself ‘I’d love to become …’ or ‘I wish I could …’ (like I used to!) but without enough energy you’ll never be able to create enough motivation and inner momentum to actually take action to become what you dream about becoming and to create the life you really, really desire.

So, if you want to achieve greater success in your life, you’ll need greater energy levels. To get greater energy levels you need to eat the right food in the right amounts for your body, and keep yourself fully hydrated.

The good news is that my 7 Simple Steps to Healthier Living include immediately actionable strategies to create and maintain healthier dietary habits. Hence, you’ll be able to implement these essential basics straight away to start building greater energy, vitality and success in life right now.

Download your copy now and start doing more with, and in, your life, instead of just thinking and dreaming about it!